Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

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1. Unique U-shaped brush head, in line with the shape of the teeth, high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, can quickly clean the surface and back of the tooth at the same time, eliminate 99.99% of bacteria inside the oral cavity, and provide dental health protection.  
2. Nano blue light whitening.
3. The perfect combination of brushing and whitening giving the tooth a 360 degree cleaning affect.
4. Food grade silicone brush head, non allergenic.
5. Wireless induction charging, 3 hours charging, 15 days available.   
6. Four modes (Soft cleaning mode/Strong cleaning mode/Massage gum mode/Whitening mode) .
1. The normal working temperature of the product is 0°C-50°C.
2. Please charge it at normal temperature because of the characteristic of the product.
3. When the product is not in use it is suggested that it should be charging.
4. The product should be stored in dry and cool places as much as possible and avoid sunlight.
5. After brushing your teeth,use wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage, and try to avoid soaking in water.
6. When charging,please take the brush head down and keep the body in a dry bath.
1*Electric toothbrush  
1* USB Cable
1* charger base
1*Use Manual


Item Type: Professional - Ultrasonic Vibrating Teeth Whitening Toothbrush
Commodity Quality Certification: 3C,CE
Material: silicon+ABS
Age Group: Adults
Power supply: USB charging
Weight: about 300g
Shape: U-type
Color: white, black, pink, blue
Modes: 4 modes (Soft /Strong /Gum Massage/Whitening)
Frequency: 5000-15000 times /minute
Waterproof: IPX7
Function: Blue Light And Ultrasonic Vibration