Automobile Reverse Parking Sensor Kit

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The Automobile Reverse Parking Sensor can detect obstacles that are lower than the bumper that the driver can not see from the rear window such as flower beds and children playing in the back of the car.
When the automobile is in reverse, the parking sensor automatically starts working with a range in between 0.3 to 2.5 meters making reverse parking easier and safer. 

Sensor color: Black/ White/ Silver/ Red/ Blue/ Grey/ Gold
Supply voltage: 10.5~15V (12V nominal)
Current consumption: 200 mA Max.
Working temperature: 20~65°C
Storage temperature: 35~85°C
Diameter: 22mm/0.87"
Obstacle detection: 150cm/59 inches from bumper (post dia. 80mm/3.15 inches)
Reliability over time: satisfies the strictest automotive standards

Technical parameters
Detection distance: 0.3m/0.4m ~ 2.5m
Alarm distance: 0.3m/0.4m ~ 1.5m
Working frequency: 40kHz
Working voltage: 12V DC
Consumption current: 20-200mA
Working temperature: -30~ +70 °C
Alarm volume: 70 ~ 85dB (at 30cm)
Maximum power: 2W